Festive Fuel: Stand Out with Better-for-You Fare

Festive Fuel: Stand Out
with Better-for-You Fare

Kill the veto vote and please a growing number of diners who actively seek better-for-you choices—even at this festive time of year.

'Tis the season to indulge, and everywhere diners turn, decadent choices abound. But who is serving the mindful consumer? The one who seeks balance and appreciates better-for-you choices among the eggnog and good cheer? Our chefs have created Healthy Living recipes that offer wholesome and delicious options to please those diners. Adding better-for-you entrées to your menu mix might just sway the veto vote. Our chefs developed these recipes to fit into Healthy Living across all of your menu parts while still delivering a great eating experience—a true gift any time of year.

Healthy Living Snacks, Bites and Small Plates

Healthy Living Holiday Entrées

Mini Indulgences

Skinny Holiday Drinks

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Festive Fuel