Guiding Principle:

Kraft Foods conducts quality audits covering general quality, microbiological, safety, and environmental systems, procedures and compliance. All Kraft Foods' manufacturing and food handling facilities have documented procedures for internal quality audits to verify that actual quality activities and related results comply with documented procedures.

In addition, all Kraft Foods' manufacturing and food handling facilities have effective programs for audits conducted by authorized outside parties (or third party audits) to assure compliance with customer's or Kraft Foods contracted organization's (e.g. Kosher, ISO) quality policies and procedures.

Over the next few years, all Kraft Foods' plants will have GFSI certification. This will be the Kraft Foods 3rd party audit scheme.


  • Kraft Foods has an internal audit program which measures against defined internal, regulatory and or industry standards. These audits are documented, recorded and easily accessible at each facility. Timely and effective corrective action is taken on deficiencies found during each audit. Each audit results in reported scores and is used for the annual Quality chain Management System review with management. Internal audits are used to strengthen our own quality systems and are typically confidential internal information.
  • GFSI certifications will be the 3rd party audit scheme for Kraft Foods. Release of this certification from Kraft Foods is via Sales and is contingent upon approval of a confidentiality agreement.
  • Until each plant is certified, other 3rd Party audits may be conducted as agreed.