Gevalia Kaffe

Build Your Coffee Identity

A robust coffee program is key to both menu distinction and profitability.

Evidence of today's coffee culture percolates on almost every street corner. According to the Nation's Coffee Association of USA, Inc., gourmet coffee accounts for 40% of all cups consumed last year. For these 18–24, past year consumption was at 71%, up slightly from 69% in 2009, and significantly higher than the 48% figure of 2004. As the Food Network has turned restaurant goers into foodies, so too have those gourmet coffee shops converted coffee drinkers into coffee connoisseurs. But when dining out, these savvy, discerning consumers not only seek out premium coffee, but they also savor the whole coffee experience. Operators can ensure that memorable coffee experience with well-crafted coffee programs rather than quick end-of-meal cups of coffee. A restaurant's coffee identity imprints the consumer with a lingering, positive impression. And that lingering impression—all warm and thoughtful, delicious and satisfying—may just lead to repeat business.

Make a bold impression

A successful coffee program stands on three pillars: brand familiarity, great flavor profile and server training. Familiarity and distinction often butt heads, but Gevalia Kaffe is both recognizable and unique. Unlike most coffee chains, Gevalia is not on every corner, nor is it "proudly brewed" everywhere customers turn. But brand awareness is high, perched in the top-three most-recognized premium coffee brands.¹ Restaurants can distinguish themselves with Gevalia: a rich, elegant coffee with a proud tradition.

The second element–flavor–is, of course, the most important. Gevalia tells a compelling flavor story: It has been handcrafted in the Swedish seaside town of Gävle for more than 150 years. It uses only Arabica beans, grown slowly and prized for their deep, complex tones. But not all gourmet-coffee drinkers gravitate to the same coffee. Gevalia pleases a wide customer base with its Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Colombia, Hazelnut and Espresso blends. From delicate and mellow to full-flavored and aromatic, operators can offer a coffee program that satisfies the whole table, providing menu distinction along with a great cup of coffee.

The third pillar is server training. Servers breathe life into a restaurant's coffee identity, explaining flavor nuances before coffee service and then presenting the coffee with grace and style. Coffee is the curtain call for the dining experience. A well thought-out and well executed coffee program ensures rave reviews.

Partner for Success

Gevalia has the power of Kraft Foodservice behind it and can offer an unmatched commitment to an operator's coffee program. Merchandising, equipment and support are as distinctive as the coffee blends.

Gevalia Flavor Portfolio

Medium Roast a smooth, full-bodied coffee with a deep, dark taste
Dark Roast a full-flavored coffee without that typical burnt taste usually found in this category
Colombia a smooth, invigorating coffee with a rich, complex flavor
Hazelnut a delicate, mellow coffee with a soft hazelnut flavor and a hint of vanilla
Espresso a strong, intensely flavored coffee

An Expansive Portfolio –
No Matter What Your Needs

  • 2.5 oz. packs for airpots or decanters (yields 0.5 gallons)
  • 8 oz. packs for shuttle brewers (yields 1.5 gallons)
  • 16 oz. packs for urn brewers (yields 3 gallons)
  • Whole Bean Espresso is also available (important for specialty drinks)
  • In-room for 4-cup hotel brewers

Beyond the Coffee Cup—Think Coffee-Flavored Desserts

Infuse dessert offerings with the rich, layered flavors of Gevalia Kaffe. Our chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre did just that.

Cappuccino Boston Cream Pie

Cappuccino Boston Cream Pie

Our chefs update the classic Boston Cream Pie with a decadent filling made with Philly, prepared whipped topping and Jell-O Vanilla Instant Pudding. For a deeper, more layered flavor profile, they add strong-brewed Gevalia Kaffe Dark Roast. The creamy filling separates yellow layer cake, then our chefs top the cake with a rich chocolate ganache, again turning to strong-brewed Gevalia Kaffe Dark Roast for depth of flavor.

Fluffy Cappuccino Pie with Oreo

Fluffy Cappuccino Pie with Chocolate Cookie Pieces.

Light as a feather with soft undertones of Gevalia Kaffe Dark Roast, this pie is sophisticated yet playful, with Jell-O Vanilla Instant Pudding adding a lovely creamy texture.

Coffee Ice Cream & Cookie Bar Sundae with Creamy Mocha Sauce

Coffee Ice Cream & Cookie Bar Sundae with Creamy Mocha Sauce

This dessert is perfect for grown ups who haven't outgrown sundaes. Our chefs make a bed for the ice cream out of crumbly, delicious cookie bars. They infuse vanilla ice cream with strong-brewed Gevalia Kaffe Dark Roast. As a crowning glory, they make a luscious, complex mocha sauce by combining strong-brewed Gevalia Kaffe Dark Roast with heavy cream, 70% cacao chocolate, butter and prepared whipped topping.

Glazed Mocha Cake Ring

Glazed Mocha Cake Ring

A decidedly grown-up affair, this recipe is great for on-the-go, brunch or dessert menus. Our chefs start with a white cake, bringing in background flavor with strong-brewed Gevalia Kaffe Dark Roast and adding texture with mini chocolate chips. Once the cake has cooled, they add a sweet, sticky glaze made with powdered sugar, water and vanilla. To garnish with flair, they add chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Layered Ice Cream Coffee Bombe with Mocha Sauce

Layered Ice Cream Coffee Bombe with Mocha Sauce

This dish brings spectacular presentation to the table. A colorful explosion of texture and flavor, our chefs create a layered bombe with yellow cake, vanilla ice cream and a lush combination of Philly, prepared whipped topping, strong-brewed Gevalia Kaffe Dark Roast and Jell-O Vanilla Pudding & Pie Filling.

Signature Coffee Programs