Peach Smash

Make a Splash with "Skinny" Cocktails

Mix the profitability of a low-cost, high-impact brand with the "skinny" cocktail trend.

"Skinny" cocktails are huge! Propelled by the mega trend in retail by such brands as Beam's Skinnygirl®, they've now gained momentum on restaurant menus across the country. Sightings include the Spa-Tinis at Morton's the Steakhouse, Fleming's "Skinnier Cocktails" and the No-Belly Bungalow at Scottsdale's Bungalow Bar and Grill. Call it a cocktail revolution. Or call it an opportunity for delicious profits. We've done the mixology for you, developing six delicious recipes featuring the refreshing flavors of CRYSTAL LIGHT, a few fresh add-ins, and of course, a little bit of booze. We've also thrown in tantalizing recipes for mocktails and aguas frescas to round out a signature beverage program.




Gin, rum, whiskey and vodka at 80-proof come in at 50 calories per 1 ounce. Add fruit juices, simple syrup or other liqueurs to deliver the average 5-ounce cocktail, and you could be looking at 200 calories or more.² Use CRYSTAL LIGHT instead and add zero calories!

"Skinny" Cocktails