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Wrap up that dessert sale with holiday-perfect recipes

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Make it a holiday to remember with head-turning desserts that answer the call for tradition and ring the bell of flavor innovation. That's no easy task, but the chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre have struck just the right holiday note, developing new recipes with favorite holiday dessert flavors and forms. Those flavors include holiday superstars like eggnog, pumpkin, candy cane, cinnamon and chocolate. Forms take shape as cheesecakes, puddings, cakes and bars. "I think that's where you can really take flight this time of year," says Freeman Moser III, senior executive chef for Kraft Foodservice. "Take those flavors we all associate with this time of year and change up how they're presented." Our chefs developed unique holiday desserts, each starring a rich and creamy Philadelphia Cream Cheese product. Find the recipes below that work for your holiday season.

festive desserts NEW Product - Philadelphia Delights a touch of decadence for delightful desserts

With the new Philadelphia Delights chocolate spreads, we make adding a rich, indulgent touch to your holiday menu easy. The Kraft Foodservice chefs have been busy with all three enticing flavors—dark chocolate, caramel and cinnamon. "The Philly Delights add such great dimension to desserts," says Chef Moser. "Use them as frostings, dips, glazes, swirls... The possibilities are wonderful."

- Philadelphia Cheesecake Batter Scratch-Made Flavor with Ready-to-Use Convenience

Just pour, bake and serve—that's holiday magic brought to you by Philadelphia Cheesecake Batter. These desserts promise festive flavors in fun, new presentations. "This product makes it really easy for you to innovate," says Chef Moser.

- Philadelphia Classic Philly, Signature Results

Rich, creamy, consistent Philadelphia Cream Cheese brings so much to holiday desserts. Our chefs offer delicious, memorable recipes—all dressed up for this special season.

Increase Loyalty & Frequency with Holiday Gift Certificates

"The purpose of a gift certificate is not to generate money through non-redemption, but to make an emotional connection with the buyer," says Bill Main, a 30-plus-year industry vet and principal at Bill Main & Associates.

Main's 4 steps to gift certificate success:

Create a unique tabletop display. Put the gift certificate promotion in the middle of the table. Give it flair, too.

gift card

Incentivize your servers. Offer them gift certificates to your restaurant. If they sell three, they get one for themselves. Servers are your brand ambassadors—offering them gift certificates as incentive is a win-win.

The server must reference the gift certificate on first approach. The program will only work if the servers add it to their narrative. "Think about us for holiday gift certificates," or "Are you excited for the holidays?"

Create a value-added promotion. I believe in deep discounts—my goal is to get people back in to spend money later. Sell a $50 gift card for $40.

Bill Main

Bill Main, Foodservice Consultant

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