Retro Revival

Retro Desserts—Sweet Again

Call them retro. Call them vintage. Old-fashioned desserts with a modern update are making sweet nostalgia cool again.

Classic treats are finding their way back into the zeitgeist and we couldn't be happier about it. Layer cakes, cobblers, puddings, cupcakes, pies—these are homey American desserts that have imprinted our food culture for decades. Today's retro dessert trend is also embracing iconic American flavors. Carnival fair flavors, like cotton candy, marshmallow and caramel. Backyard flavors, like s'mores and cherry hand pies. Vintage desserts, which represent the best of American baking, are gaining favor on menus, where tradition and innovation meet on the plate. The result? Signature desserts that trigger warm nostalgia and please your customers' sweet tooth. The chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre developed retro recipes with subtle modern updates designed to satisfy the yearning for classic desserts while serving up menu distinction. As our chefs point out in the culinary predictions piece, "The vintage desserts that will succeed this year are the ones that answer the craving: If your diner is looking for a red velvet cake, keep it true to red velvet. Of course, updating is good, but we wouldn't make a red velvet mousse because without a cake component, they aren't getting what they're looking for. You have to satisfy the craving, while making yours distinct."

Retro Dessert Recipes
Who Wants What?

According to Technomic's latest Dessert Consumer Trend Report, consumers over the age of 35 order ice cream and cheesecake most frequently and younger consumers are most likely to purchase cake, brownies and dessert beverages.

Make Room for Dessert

To help increase your value proposition and dessert sales, create prix fixe or combo meals that include dessert. Also, offer a few desserts to-go for diners who may want delayed gratification.

Crunchy Double-Chocolate Peanut Butter Cones
Dessert Plating Tips

Make your desserts beautiful with these quick ideas for garnishing and plating.

Retro Desserts—Sweet Again