Small Bites, Big Payoff

Small Bites, Big Payoff

Appetizer menu makeover! Snacks, small plates and minis breathe new life into this money-making category.

Small bites offer diners big value. They encourage flavor exploration and contribute to the casual, familial vibe today's diners seek. So, folks who might skip larger portioned appetizers—guarding both their appetites and their pocket books—may now order a few small bites for the table. For them, it's low risk with (hopefully) high reward. For the operator, a well-executed menu of small plates may just lead to an increase in incremental sales. Our chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre developed recipes for your small-bites menu—casual, fun, delicious food that delivers fresh ideas to your kitchen.

TREND DRIVERS: What's behind the small-plates revolution?
Street food is perhaps the biggest influencer here, elbowing in with its communal, exotic, fun personality.
Portion Control makes small bites attractive to the consumer looking to downsize servings outside the home.
Value on the menu for price-sensitive diners who may shy away from larger appetizers. Instead, they take a second look at the less expensive small-bites offerings.
Customization reigns here, too. Diners can curate their meals with a multitude of flavor experiences, miniaturized.


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Small Bites, Big Payoff