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Side Ways

Add seasonality to your sides menu with these delicious ideas.

Side dishes shouldn't be an afterthought. Today's diners demand wow factor with every bite, every component of their dining experience. Your sides menu offers a great platform for creativity and seasonality. It also gives your diners an opportunity for mini culinary adventures—a grilled pork chop is delicious and familiar. But how about replacing that side of sweet corn with Mexican Grilled Corn on the Cob? Another giant positive in developing a distinct sides menu is the opportunity for customization. Freeman Moser III, senior executive chef, Kraft Foodservice, called it out as a trend to watch, and industry reports back up that prediction. To add customization into your menu engineering, consider letting your customers choose from a list of on-trend side dishes. Technomic's 2011 Dinner and Late-Night Consumer Trend Report tells us that 59% of those surveyed place importance on being able to choose their sides.


Quick Ideas for Signature Mashed Potatoes

Quick Ideas for Signature Mashed Potatoes

Use this easy chart on how to add a signature touch to mashed potatoes. Just a few quick add-ins turn everyday mashed potatoes into craveable, distinctive side dishes.

Summer Side Dishes