Smoke, Sausage & Cheese Link 5:1 6"

UPC: 00447000050100
Product Name: Smoke, Sausage & Cheese Link 5:1 6"
Product Category: OM Specialty Links
Division: Meat
Product Description: A unique combination of sausage and cheese enhanced with smoke flavor.
Pack: 30links/cs
Size: 5 links per lb.
Package Format: 30 links/case polybag
Product Yield: 30 links
Servings per Case: 30 links
Product Type:
Product Characteristics & Features: From OSCAR MAYER, the brand your customers know and trust.
Consistent quality is the reputation of OSCAR MAYER links.
Product Preparation: Thaw frozen links in refrigerator for 72 hours to an internal temperature of 35°-40°F. Pre-heat roller grill on medium for 15-20 minutes to ensure proper cooking temperature. Cook links on roller grill until an internal temperature of 150°F is reache
Equipment Needs: roller grill recommended
Operator Benefits: The specialty links segment is the fastest growing segment in the category. On-trend product offerings can enable revenue and margin enhancement.
Your customers trust the OSCAR MAYER name as it is one of America's leading brands.
Choosing OSCAR MAYER links is important anywhere quality and taste are top objectives.
OSCAR MAYER links are available as a full product line, from traditional to latest trend.
OSCAR MAYER offers operators promotional and merchandising support.
Menu Application: Great as a hearty lunch, afternoon snack or dinner.