Reduced Fat Olive Oil Mayo

UPC: 00210000312800
Product Name: Reduced Fat Olive Oil Mayo
Product Category: Mayonnaise
Division: Condiments
Brand: KRAFT
Product Description: KRAFT Mayo with Olive Oil delivers classic mayo taste and its made with the natural goodness of pure olive oil.
Pack: 200
Size: 7/16 oz.
Package Format: Pouch
Product Yield: 1
Servings per Case: 200
Product Type:
Product Characteristics & Features: Made with over 10% Pure Olive Oil – more than the leading competitor.
Blended with quality canola and soybean oils for a balanced mayo taste.
Easy-to-use package.
Product Preparation: None.
Equipment Needs: None.
Operator Benefits: ½ the fat and ½ the calories of regular Mayo – a strong selling point for consumers also looking for healthy oils.
KRAFT Mayo with Olive Oil capitalizes on health trends, while delivering on premium taste.
Convenient package format for volume users.
Menu Application: Outstanding stability in prepared dressings and prepared salads.