Ranch Dressing - YES Pack

UPC: 00210000324800
Product Name: Ranch Dressing - YES Pack
Product Category: Liquid
Division: Salad Dressings
Product Description: Kraft Creamy Ranch is a rich, creamy traditional favorite with made with visible herbs, spices and fresh buttermilk to provide a well balanced dressing
Pack: 2
Size: 1 gallon
Package Format: YES Pack
Product Yield:
Servings per Case: 256
Product Type:
Product Characteristics & Features: Kraft Ranch Dressing uses only real Sugar and Egg Yolks and contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup or Modified Food Starches
Kraft Ranch Dressing is characterized by a creamy white appearance and a dairy fresh flavor seasoned with herbs and spices.
Rich, thick consistency contrasted with the herbs and spices gives Kraft Creamy Ranch Dressing an excellent appearance for use on salads.
Packaged in gallon-sized, fully collapsible packaging with two handles for precision pouring and a tamper-evident, twist-off cap.
Product Preparation:
Equipment Needs:
Operator Benefits: Fully collapsible package eliminates need for shaking or scraping to achieve 99% product yield.
Top and bottom handles plus a smaller mouth allow for precision pouring with reduced dripping and spilling.
Flexible yet durable package flattens when empty for easier disposal and reduced waste.
Menu Application: Use KRAFT Ranch Dressing as a dip, on baked potatoes, and as an ingredient in tuna or chicken salad.