CATALINA Dressing - YES Pack

UPC: 00210000329200
Product Name: CATALINA Dressing - YES Pack
Product Category: Liquid
Division: Salad Dressings
Product Description: KRAFT CATALINA Dressing is Red French dressing characterized by a sweet, tomato flavor and tomato-red color.
Pack: 2
Size: 1 gallon
Package Format: YES Pack
Product Yield:
Servings per Case: 256
Product Type:
Product Characteristics & Features: KRAFT CATALINA Dressing has set the standard for Red French dressing.
KRAFT CATALINA Dressing has a superb cling to salad ingredients.
Packaged in gallon-sized, fully collapsible packaging with two handles for precision pouring and a tamper-evident, twist-off cap.
Product Preparation:
Equipment Needs:
Operator Benefits: Fully collapsible package eliminates need for shaking or scraping to achieve 99% product yield.
Top and bottom handles plus a smaller mouth allow for precision pouring with reduced dripping and spilling.
Flexible yet durable package flattens when empty for easier disposal and reduced waste.
Menu Application: In addition to being used as a dressing for lettuce salads, KRAFT CATALINA Dressing can also be used as a dressing for fruit salad.