Liquid Coffee Concentrate

UPC: 00430003930600
Product Name: Liquid Coffee Concentrate
Product Category: Liquid Concentrate
Division: Beverages
Product Description: Dark Roast Frozen Liquid Coffee Concentrate
Pack: 4
Size: 1 liter can
Package Format: Frozen coffee concentrate
Product Yield: 230/8 oz. servings (6 oz. fill)
Servings per Case: 923/8 oz. cups (6 oz. fill)
Product Type: Kosher - CircleK
Product Characteristics & Features: MAXWELL HOUSE Dark Roast Frozen Liquid Coffee Concentrate is a special blend of coffee beans from around the world selected specifically for their dark roast qualities.
The bold, stronger flavor is designed for espresso-based beverages or where a dark roast cup is desired.
Product Preparation: Store at 0 degrees, thaw in refrigerator approximately 2 days prior to use, shake well before using. Concentrate is a 40 to 1 throw ratio.
Equipment Needs: MAXWELL HOUSE proprietary liquid coffee brewing equipment.
Operator Benefits: Convenient on-demand coffee solution in a no mess easy to use liquid coffee concentrate.
State of the art brewing equipment with minimum prep and clean up time.
Menu Application: Fresh brewed hot coffee on demand in the quantity you need...cup or pot.