Frozen Drinks Cool Off Customers and Heat Up Repeat Business

Keep your customers coming back for more with great-tasting frozen drinks from the brands everyone knows and loves. These powdered frozen drink mixes are a sure way for your customers to chill out while you quench your thirst for profits.

on the go
country time
A refreshingly slushy version of the classic lemonade drink that includes a full day’s supply of vitamin C.¹

Oh yeah! Kids of all ages will love these super-cool treats. KOOL-AID is available in a variety of fun, fruity flavors and contains vitamin C.

tang energy
Take Energy out of the cooler and into a new space. The frozen version of TANG Energy is fortified with 5 energy-releasing B vitamins and caffeine.² It’s bursting with the great orange taste of TANG and a full day’s supply of vitamin C.¹

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1. per 8-fl.-oz. serving
2. B vitamins are involved in energy release from food.
Contains 60 mg of caffeine per 8-fl.-oz. serving.

Frozen Drinks