National Equipment Center

Cost-effective and easy-to-operate hot and iced coffee equipment to help you brew more profits.

Select the best brewer for your operation from the options below. And, of course, each is backed by the quality and service guarantee of the National Equipment Center.

Curtis PCGT3


Available in the following models – PCGT3, PCGT4 and PCGT5 (three, four and five-head dispensers)

  • G3 ADS™ Digital Control Module: Provides precise control over all critical blending and dispensing functions.
  • Pre-Dispense: Easy to use. Choose a size from small, medium or large at the touch of a button.
  • Factory Pre-Set: For out-of-the-box operation.
  • Irradiant LCD Digital Display: Extra bright and easy to use.
  • Scroll-Through Precision Programming: Adjust power flow in 5% increments and water temperature from 80F to 200F to create the perfect hot or cold beverage for your operation.

Bunn Cleaning and Brewing Guide

Curtis CAFÉ PC3


Available in the following models – CAFÉ PC2, CAFÉ PC3 and CAFÉ PC4

  • Fits Anywhere: Compact size lets you place the Café PC’s virtually anywhere. A close water connection and standard 120VAC power allows use of any available outlet.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: The key components that ensure reliable operation in the Café PC are the same heavy-duty components used in our top-of-the-line PCGT models, so you don’t have to compromise with a less expensive machine.
  • Consistent Drink Quality: Advanced ADS (add TM symbol) digital control module that allows precision blending for consistently great beverages.
  • Flexible Design: Easy, changeable display graphic lets you customize and switch messages anytime you want. From the drop tray to the removable powder hoppers, the Café PC is designed for quick, mess-free servicing without special training.
  • Backed by Curtis: Quality product engineering.

Bunn Cleaning and Brewing Guide

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