On Demand Formats -Frozen  Liquid Coffee

Maxwell House

MAXWELL HOUSE Frozen Liquid Coffee Concentrate

Up to 173 8-oz. servings per can!

Coffee service made simple.

No grounds. No filters. No mess. With MAXWELL HOUSE Frozen Liquid Coffee Concentrate, you can serve exactly what you need, whenever you need it.

Dispense a variety of full-flavored, balanced coffees on demand. Flash-frozen and can-sealed to lock in premium flavor, this format offers the best freshness barrier in the business. Perfect for medium-to-high volume operations.

100% Colombian

(Regular and Decaffeinated): Our signature blend, made with high quality Colombian coffee beans, is roasted to produce a flavorful, full-bodied cup.

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Premium Roast

(Regular and Decaffeinated): Made with a selection of coffee beans from around the world, blended specifically to produce rich flavor in every full-bodied cup.

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Dark Roast

Made with a blend of coffee beans roasted to deliver a bolder, stronger flavor well suited for espresso-based beverages.

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Frozen Liquid Coffee Concentrate