Shelf Stable Concentrate
Maxwell House

Liquid Coffee Concentrate

The ultra-convenient solution to high-quality coffee service.

MAXWELL HOUSE developed the Classic Select Roast for one purpose: to be the best in its class. Every drop features fresh-roasted, full-flavored coffees sure to exceed your patrons’ expectations.

Ideal for operations with limited refrigerator space:

  • Extended 12-month shelf life (unopened)
  • Aseptic 2/2-liter bag-in-box product
  • Remarkable full-bodied flavor and serving ease
  • Up to 346 8-oz. servings from just one box
  • No preservatives

Classic Select Roast

(Regular and Decaffeinated) Remarkably fresh-roasted, full-bodied flavor at the touch of a button.
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Maxwell House Shelf Stable Liquid Coffee Concentrate is produced in the U.S.A.
Shelf-Stable Liquid Coffee Concentrate