Maxwell House Iced Tea

MAXWELL HOUSE helps you reach health-conscious customers seeking better-for-you options.

MAXWELL HOUSE Iced Tea gives you a refreshing way to profit from the rise of tea consumption.¹ It provides the perfect solution for consumers looking for low-calorie alternatives to carbonated beverages.²

Profit from crisp, refreshing flavor all year.

The fresh-brewed flavor of MAXWELL HOUSE Iced Tea satisfies consumers across day parts and throughout the year.

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Grow your business with the
brand consumers know by name.

Enjoyed for generations, MAXWELL HOUSE is the brand recognized by 80% of consumers.³ Take advantage of the power of the brand that sells itself with front-of-house merchandising.

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1 The Tea Association of the U.S.A., 2013

2 Technomic, The Beverage Consumer Trend Report, 2012

3 Ipsos, Brand Health Tracker, June 2012

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Maxwell House Iced Tea