America’s Beloved Bacon

Since 1883, OSCAR MAYER has made its bacon with the superior quality people demand and the distinctive flavor they desire. You know OSCAR MAYER will consistently deliver its great taste and plate coverage – giving you the most for your money.

OSCAR MAYER eliminates fatty ends, giving you thicker, more consistent slices with a desirable fat-to-lean ratio. More usable slices per pound produces a lower portion cost, making OSCAR MAYER Bacon very competitive on a per-slice basis. Your patrons will enjoy the appetizing appeal of OSCAR MAYER Bacon, since the leaner cut results in big, beautiful slices with less curling and breakage.

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Superior Taste

OSCAR MAYER bacon is sugar-cured with a patented process and slowly smoked with natural hardwoods, giving it a unique, sought-after taste and texture, perfect for center-of-plate applications.

Sugar cured

  • OSCAR MAYER bacon utilizes a unique sugar cure solution that provides the
    flavor of America’s favorite bacon.
  • A patented injection system disperses the sugar cure solution uniformly throughout the belly for consistent taste.

Natural hardwood smoked

  • To provide OSCAR MAYER bacon’s great flavor, color and cooking performance,
    it’s hardwood smoked for hours.

Higher Standards

Select Bellies Hand Trimmed

OSCAR MAYER bacon meets the highest standards to offer you a product that consistently delivers quality taste and appearance to your customers.

Select bellies

  • Each belly must meet stringent quality standards for weight, width, length and thickness.

Hand trimmed

  • Fatty ends are removed, resulting in more slices per pound with a higher lean-to-fat ratio.

Slow chill process

  • Prevents product damage and helps deliver higher yields and less waste.

High quality

  • Minimum amount of operator complaints.
  • Constancy over large volumes.

Increased Yield

Slices per Pound Slice Consistency Yield after Cooking

More slices per pound

With the fatty ends still on, a competitor’s one-pound slab produces fewer slices per pound at the same slice thickness as OSCAR MAYER. With the fatty ends removed, you get more slices of OSCAR MAYER bacon per pound without sacrificing thickness.

Better slice consistency

Examine your present brand of bacon. If it’s from a typical commodity belly, you should find:

  • Fat on each end
  • Poor lean-to-fat ratio
  • Less consistency
  • Fewer usable slices per pound

Before packing, slices of OSCAR MAYER bacon are inspected with strict specifications for quality and consistency, especially in the amount of lean. All unacceptable slices are removed. With OSCAR MAYER brand, you’ll find:

  • Higher lean-to-fat ration
  • More consistency
  • More usable slices per pound

Better yield after cooking

Fatty bacon shrivels up and its value sizzles away:

  • Slices crumble and break more easily
  • More slices are needed for adequate plate coverage
  • High cost per usable slice

OSCAR MAYER gives you meaty, consistent slices:

  • Less shrinkage
  • Higher lean-to-fat ratio
  • Superior cooking yields
  • Excellent plate coverage