Superior Taste Bacon

Oscar Mayer bacon is sugar-cured with a patented process and slowly smoked with natural hardwoods, giving it a unique, sought-after taste and texture, perfect for center-of-plate applications.

Sugar cured

  • Oscar Mayer bacon utilizes a unique sugar cure solution that provides the
    flavor of America’s favorite bacon.
  • The sweet-smoky flavor has been consistently rated #1 in blind taste tests.
  • A patented injection system disperses the sugar cure solution uniformly throughout the belly for consistent taste.
  • Oscar Mayer bellies are hung at least three times longer than those of most other bacon products for even cure dispersion and absorption.

Natural hardwood smoked

  • To provide Oscar Mayer bacon’s great flavor, color and cooking performance,
    it’s hardwood smoked for hours.
  • Bellies are placed in smokehouses at least 50% longer than most
    competitors’ bellies
Superior Taste Bacon