BOCA On The Menu

Johnny Rockets

Restaurants everywhere are
impressing guests with entrées
featuring BOCA. By offering BOCA
Burgers as signature menu items,
or as a substitute to sandwiches
made with ground beef, operators
can satisfy customers who are
seeking meatless options.

Color Bar

Featured Operation: Johnny Rockets

Guests dining at Johnny Rockets will discover that one of the restaurant's signature items, the Streamliner®, starts with a 100% soy BOCA® burger. This guest favorite is made by grilling a BOCA® patty to perfection, with grilled onions, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, pickle and mustard.

The Streamliner® has been recognized by PETA with a Golden Bun Honorable Mention in the Best Major Restaurant Chain Veggie Burger category. Additionally, all Johnny Rockets hamburgers can be made with a BOCA® patty instead of ground beef upon request.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1986, Johnny Rockets is an international retro-style restaurant chain that prides itself on offering friendly service and great food in a fun atmosphere. It’s a place where every guest can enjoy all-American favorites served with a smile!

BOCA On The Menu