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BOCA is easy to prepare on
the grill, skillet and microwave,
which makes it convenient to
serve. And because BOCA is
precooked, it doesn’t shrink
during preparation, like beef
and turkey burgers, so you only
need to use half as much.

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BOCA offers three delicious varieties, allowing you to serve a range of tasty, meatless options on your menu. Both BOCA Burger varieties are available in foodservice bulk packs of either 3.5- or 5-oz. patties. In addition, 2.5-oz. patties are available in retail packs. BOCA Ground Burger also comes in retail packs of four 2.5-lb. frozen bags.

BOCA Ground Burger
BOCA Ground Burger is high in soy protein and low in fat. And, because there’s no shrinkage, you have to use only half as much BOCA as ground beef. With no cholesterol and 0 grams trans fat, BOCA Ground Beef is a perfect substitute in ground hamburger dishes, such as tacos. Spicy Tacos made with BOCA.

Original Vegan BOCA Burgers
Each hearty burger is made with nutritious soy and tastes like a real hamburger, but with 90% less fat than a ground beef burger. A great option for vegan diners, this BOCA classic is delicious as a traditional hamburger and in signature offerings such as Italian BOCA Burgers.

All American Classic BOCA Burgers
Made with reduced-fat cheddar cheese, these juicy burgers have 70% less fat than a ground beef hamburger. With low cholesterol and 0 grams trans fat per serving, the All American is a great meatless substitute for traditional hamburgers or in exciting selections like Double Cheese BOCA Burgers.

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