School Foodservice

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The number of overweight
children and adolescents has
doubled in the past two decades.
Using soy in your school
foodservice program is a cost-
effective way to decrease fat
and cholesterol in meals, while
maintaining calorie levels and
nutritional quality.

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Additional health benefits from serving your students soy include:
- Helping with their appetite and weight control
- Strengthening their bones
- Lowering their cholesterol
- Decreasing their risk of developing heart disease

Food allergies are also becoming increasingly prevalent among children. While soy is one the most common food allergies, it tends to exist primarily in infants. By the age of five, nearly all affected children have outgrown this allergy.

Soy foods, such as BOCA Burgers, are a nutritious and safe option that meets the needs of kids with peanut or egg allergies.

You can increase the amount of soy used in your school foodservice dishes by using these delicious BOCA products in these delicious ways.

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School Foodservice