What Patrons Want

What Patrons Want

For many adult Americans, a
healthy diet has become a key
part of their lifestyle. Almost three-
quarters of consumers say they’ve
changed their eating habits in the
past 3 to 5 years due to health
concerns. Meet the demand for
nutritious meatless alternatives by
offering BOCA products on your
menu. Appeal to health-conscious
diners while increasing your
profits. See all the ways BOCA is
healthier than ground beef.

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The Nutrition Your Customers Want
-35% of patrons want more healthy food choices and more information on the health benefits.1

-75% of adults are trying to cut down on or avoid fat. 67% are trying to do the same with cholesterol.2

-57% of adults are concerned about healthy eating while out at a casual or fine dining establishment.3

-One in four Americans was looking to eat less meat in 2005.4

The Healthy Alternative To Your Menu Needs
-Two out of five consumers are aware of specific health benefits gained by including soy in their diets, and over a quarter point to heart health.5

-30% of Americans consume soy foods or soy beverages once a month or more.5

-Over half of consumers have tried soy options in restaurants, with 29% of them ordering a veggie burger.5

-1/3 of patrons would order soy products in restaurants if soy were offered on the menu.5

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What Patrons Want