the A.1. Effect

A.1. Improves Sales over Unbranded Sauces¹

Seeing A.1. attracts and inspires customers to upgrade their orders and pay more for signature steaks and burgers featuring this top sauce.² It has a powerful affect on sales that unbranded steak sauces just can’t compare to.

A.1. Vs. Unbranded Steak Sauce

  7.2% more in dollar sales for signature steaks at casual dining   6.7% more in dollar sales for signature burgers at QSR   5.9% more in dollar sales for signature burgers at casual dining  

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1. IRI, Van Westendorp study, September 2013
2. Ipsos Brand Health Food Tracker—Food Enhancers BVT Q4, December 2012

A.1. Steak Sauce