More than 230 years since it took Dijon, France, by storm,
GREY POUPON remains the very best—consistently ranked
as the top Dijon mustard in the world.

Crafted today with the same recipe first created by Maurice Grey and Antoine Poupon in 1777, GREY POUPON features a unique taste that customers are passionate about and the versatility that chefs demand.


Upgrade and Upcharge

GREY POUPON quickly turns any dish into a gourmet offering—even a simple sandwich. So much so, that patrons are willing to pay a premium price for sandwiches that feature this sought-after mustard.*


Flavor, Not Fat

With 0g fat and only 5 calories per serving, GREY POUPON is the ideal ingredient to inspire healthier menu items. Its renowned flavor enables chefs to create signature sauces, dressings, marinades and glazes that will grab the the attention of health-conscious patrons as well as those just looking for a great meal.


Tabletop It

Approximately 80% of consumers recognize GREY POUPON by name, and they expect to see it at top restaurants. The GREY POUPON brand signifies premium, high-quality and award-winning. It’s been proven to have a positive impact on restaurants that serve it.*

When you tabletop GREY POUPON, it shows patrons that you’re committed to using nothing but the very finest ingredients.

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a history of inspiration

*Synovate Study 2010

Brand Appeal