When it comes to creating memorable dishes with
distinctive Dijon flavor, nothing compares to GREY POUPON.

GREY POUPON Made from robust #1 grade mustard seeds, the finest wine and a unique blend of invigorating spices, our family of intense flavors adds bold appeal to any menu. From the trusted brand operators consistently rate as higher in quality than other top national brands.1

  • Creamy texture enhances consistency and appearance of dishes

  • Zero fat, zero carbohydrates and only 5 calories per serving

  • An easy add-in that can dramatically enhance the flavor profile of even the simplest dish

state they trust GREY POUPON more than the 6 other leading Dijon brands.1
believe GREY POUPON performs better in recipes—significantly higher than 6 other leading Dijon mustards.1
believe GREY POUPON's distinctive flavor can't be substituted—significantly higher than 6 other leading Dijon mustards.1


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1. NFP Research, Dijon mustard blind taste test, February 2014