The Perfect Base Ingredient

Selecting the perfect base ingredient is more than a matter of taste.

The performance of your mayonnaise is just as important as its flavor when other ingredients are in the mix. As a perfect base ingredient, your mayonnaise should blend and enhance, not stand out and overwhelm. It should provide structure and interest without lumps and off-colors.Your bound salads, sandwich spreads, sauces, dips and dressings can be made with any mayonnaise, but if you are striving for greatness, you won’t find a better base than Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip.

start with the best
  • Popular flavor profiles, from the unique, tangy zip of Miracle Whip to the well-known creaminess of Kraft Real Mayonnaise
  • Rich, premium taste (and no oily aftertaste) resulting from ideal proportions of high-quality soybean oil and real eggs, as found in Kraft Extra Heavy Mayonnaise
  • Natural appearance that enhances the colors of other ingredients
keep dishes fresh
  • Holds salads together longer with the superior binding that results from higher egg and oil content
  • Prevents watering-off and bread soaking to prolong the appetite appeal of dishes like tuna and chicken salad
  • Eliminates color loss from oxidation and keeps any dish looking fresh despite long periods of air exposure
blend with ease
  • Coats all ingredients evenly with effortless mixing
  • Distributes flavor equally throughout the entire dish
  • Creates uniform texture that is smooth and free of lumps
match your needs
  • EasyprepPackaging options for maximum convenience, including : 1-gal. jugs, 30-lb. pails and cartons, 7/16-oz. portion-control pouches and new 32-oz. Easyprep pouches
  • An outstanding assortment of both traditional varieties and “better-for-you”options, including—
    – light
    – fat-free
    – cholesterol-free
  • Flavor and function to meet specific needs across your menu
Base Ingredients