BOCA Pot Pie

BOCA Pot Pie
16 servings


Ingredients Weights Measures
carrots, diced 1 lb. + 11.2 oz. 1 qt. + 1-1/3 cups
celery, diced 1 lb. + 4.8 oz. 1 qt. + 1-1/3 cups
yellow onions, diced 1.5 lb. 1 qt. + 1-1/3 cups
button mushrooms, quartered 1 lb. 1 qt. + 1-1/3 cups
kale, cleaned, chopped 2.5 oz. 1 qt.
BOCA Ground Burger 4 lb. 1 gal.
A.1. Original Sauce 18 fl oz 2 cups
prepared pie crust dough (4-oz. balls) 4 lb. 16 each
eggs 8.5 fl oz 5 each
heavy cream 1.6 fl oz 5 Tbsp.


SAUTE first 3 ingredients in large skillet until crisp-tender. Add mushrooms, kale, ground burger and steak sauce; mix well. Spoon into 16 casserole dishes (or into 1 casserole dish for trial recipe), adding about 2 cups to each.

PLACE 1 ball of pie crust dough on lightly floured surface; roll out to 8-inch round. Place over 1 filled casserole dish; trim edge with sharp knife. Reserve trimmings. Repeat with remaining pie crust dough and casserole dishes. Cut decorative shapes from dough trimmings; use to decorate tops of pies. Place in sheet pans. Whisk eggs and cream until blended; brush onto tops of pies.

BAKE in 350ºF convection oven 25 to 30 min. or until golden brown.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Serving Suggestion
Serve with a mixed green salad.
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Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information

Total fat
 38 g
Saturated fat
 15 g
 85 mg
 1600 mg
 84 g
Dietary fiber
 9 g
 11 g
 31 g
Vitamin A
 180 %DV
Vitamin C
 10 %DV
 20 %DV
 25 %DV