Clam Chowder "Pot Pie"

Clam Chowder "Pot Pie"
16 servings, 1-1/2 cups each


Ingredients Weights Measures
clam juice 2 lb. 1 qt.
Idaho potatoes, peeled, chopped 1 lb. + 7 oz. 1 qt.
yellow onions, chopped 5 oz. 1 cup
celery, chopped 5 oz. 1 cup
OSCAR MAYER 18-22 Slice Count Raw Bacon Flat Pak, cooked, crumbled (reserve drippings) 6 oz. 8 slices
all-purpose flour 1.2 oz. 1/4 cup
fat-free milk 2 lb. 1 qt.
canned clams, drained 1.25 lb. 1 qt.
cod fillets, chopped 10 oz. 2 cups
frozen corn, thawed 5 oz. 1 cup
PHILADELPHIA Neufchatel Cheese 8 oz. -
fresh chives, chopped - 4 tsp.
fresh dill, chopped - 2 tsp.
prepared corn muffin mix, baked into 5-inch flat muffins 3 lb. 16 each


COMBINE clam juice, potatoes, onions and celery in a saucepan. Bring to simmer; cook until potatoes are tender. Remove from heat; set aside.

COMBINE 1/4 cup each reserved bacon drippings and flour (or 1 Tbsp. each for trial recipe) in large pot. Cook 5 min. on medium-low heat, whisking constantly. Do not burn the roux. Gradually add milk; bring to simmer, whisking constantly to prevent scorching. Stir in potato mixture; bring to simmer. Add remaining ingredients, except corn muffins. Cook until fish is done and soup is heated through, stirring frequently.

SERVE 1-1/2 cups chowder in a crock. Top with a muffin.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Prepare using PHILADELPHIA Chive & Onion Cream Cheese Spread.
How to Make Flat Muffins
Prepare corn muffin mix as directed on package. Bake in 5-inch round greased cake pans using 3 oz. of batter per pan. Or, bake in sheet pans and use a 5-inch round cutter to create muffins.
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Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information

Total fat
 16 g
Saturated fat
 7 g
 85 mg
 1110 mg
 60 g
Dietary fiber
 3 g
 17 g
 26 g
Vitamin A
 10 %DV
Vitamin C
 4 %DV
 25 %DV
 20 %DV