Crab & Sweet Potato au Gratin

Crab & Sweet Potato au Gratin
24 servings


Ingredients Weights Measures
eggs 24 fl oz 1 doz.
evaporated milk 40 fl oz 1-1/4 qt.
PHILADELPHIA Original Cream Cheese, softened 1 lb. + 10 oz. -
sweet potatoes, cooked, mashed 17 oz. 2 cups
brown sugar, packed 1-1/2 oz. 1/4 cup
shredded cheddar cheese, divided 8 oz. 2 cups
sweet potatoes, medium dice, sauteed 1 lb. + 8 oz. 1 qt.
fresh corn, roasted 1 lb. + 3 oz. 3 cups
red peppers, brunoise, sauteed 6 oz. 1 cup
red onions, brunoise, sauteed 4 oz. 2/3 cup
green onions, chopped 2-1/2 oz. 2/3 cup
ground nutmeg - 2-1/2 tsp.
salt and black pepper - to taste
jumbo lump crabmeat 2 lb. + 1 oz. 1-1/2 qt.


BLEND first 5 ingredients in blender or food processor until smooth; transfer to large bowl. Add 1/2 cup cheddar (or 1/4 cup cheddar for trial recipe) and all remaining ingredients except crabmeat; stir until blended.

SPOON about 3/4 cup potato mixture into each of 24 (4-inch) ramekins (or into each of 12 ramekins for trial recipe). Place on sheet pan; top each with 1/4 cup crab.

BAKE in 300ºF-convection oven 15 to 18 min., topping each ramekin with 1 Tbsp. of the remaining Cheddar for the last minute.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Serving Suggestion
Serve with crostini slices.
Substitute chopped grilled shrimp for the crabmeat.
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