Cream Cheese and Chestnut Custard with Caramelized Bananas

Cream Cheese and Chestnut Custard with Caramelized Bananas
24 custards or 48 servings, 1/2 custard each


Ingredients Weights Measures
graham cracker crumbs 2 lb. + 6 oz. 2 qt.
slivered almonds, toasted, chopped 1 lb. 3 cups
sugar 6 oz. 3/4 cup
dark chili powder - 2-1/2 Tbsp.
butter, melted 12 oz. 1-1/2 cups
canned chestnuts, drained 2 lb. + 6 oz. 2 qt.
evaporated milk, divided 5 lb. + 8 oz. 2-3/4 qt.
PHILADELPHIA Original Cream Cheese, softened 3 lb. -
eggs 3 lb. 24 each
sugar, divided 1 lb. + 12 oz. 1-3/4 qt.
almond extract - 1 Tbsp.
bananas, each cut into 46 thin slices 4 lb. 12 each
sugar 4 oz. 1/2 cup
dark chili powder - 1 tsp.
ground cinnamon - 1 tsp.


COMBINE all ingredients; press 2/3 cup onto bottom of each of 24 (4-inch) springform pans (or onto bottom of each of 6 [4-inch] springform pans for trial recipe). Set aside.

PLACE chestnuts and 2 cups evaporated milk (or 1/2 cup evaporated milk for trial recipe) in blender; blend until smooth. Pour into large bowl.

ADD remaining ingredients, in batches, to blender (or add all remaining ingredients to blender for trial recipe); blend until smooth. Add to chestnut puree; stir.

PLACE springform pans in parchment paper-lined half-sheet pans. Fill each springform pan with 1 cup custard mixture. Bake in 375ºF-standard oven 45 to 50 min. or until knife inserted near centers comes out clean. Cool custards completely in springform pans. Refrigerate 4 hours.

ARRANGE 23 banana slices, in concentric circles with slices slightly overlapping, on top of each custard; sprinkle with 1 tsp. sugar. Use butane torch to brown bananas. Sprinkle custards with combined chili powder and cinnamon. Run metal spatula around rims of pans. Remove rims.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Make Ahead
Untopped custards can be stored in refrigerator up to 2 days before serving. Add Topping as directed just before serving.
Serving Suggestion
Since each custard makes 2 servings, these make great desserts to serve to a table of two.
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