Mustard Fruit & Creamy Red Pepper-Cheese Crostini

Mustard Fruit & Creamy Red Pepper-Cheese Crostini
32 servings, 2 crostini each


Ingredients Weights Measures
Mustard Fruit
not fully ripened pears, peeled, cut into 1/2-inch dice 8 oz. 1 each
dried apricots, cut into 1/4-inch-wide strips 3 oz. 12 each
dried cherries 3 oz. 1/2 cup
dried cranberries 3 oz. 1/2 cup
golden raisins 3 oz. 1/2 cup
dried figs, stemmed, quartered 1 oz. 4 each
dry white wine 28 fl oz 3-1/2 cups
sugar 1 lb. + 2 oz. 2-1/2 cups
GREY POUPON Classic Dijon Mustard 8 oz. 1 cup
yellow mustard seeds 1.25 oz. 1/2 cup
crushed red pepper - 2 Tbsp.
Creamy Red Pepper Cheese
PHILADELPHIA Original Cream Cheese, softened 1.5 lb. -
roasted red peppers, peeled, seeded and pureed 6 oz. 1 cup
minced fresh garlic 1.25 oz. 1/4 cup
fresh chives, finely chopped - 1/4 cup
fresh parsley, minced - 1/4 cup
Candied Pineapple
fresh pineapple, small dice 8 oz. 1 cup
butter 2 oz. 1/4 cup
sugar 2 oz. 1/4 cup
French bread, cut into 1/2-inch thick slices, brushed with olive oil and toasted 1.5 lb. 64 slices
thinly sliced prosciutto, baked until crisp, broken into 4 pieces each 4 oz. 16 slices
tomatoes, small dice 4 oz. 1/2 cup
fresh tarragon sprigs - 64 each


MUSTARD Fruit: Bring pears, dried fruit and wine to boil in saucepan on medium heat; simmer on medium-low heat 30 min. or until the wine is reduced by 75%, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat.

ADD remaining ingredients; stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Cool. Let stand at room temperature 24 hours.

TRANSFER to glass container; cover tightly. Refrigerate up to 1 week.

CREAMY Red Pepper Cheese: Combine all ingredients.

CANDIED Pineapple: Cook ingredients in saucepan on medium heat 5 min. or until pineapple is caramelized, stirring frequently. Remove from heat. Let stand at room temperature until ready to use.

FOR each serving, 2 crostini: Spread each of 2 toast slices with 1 Tbsp. Creamy Red Pepper Cheese; top each with 1 Tbsp. Mustard Fruit and 1 tsp. Candied Pineapple. Stand a piece of proscuitto on one side of each toast slice. Sprinkle with a few pieces of tomato. Garnish each with a sprig of tarragon.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Substitute 4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper (or 1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper for trial recipe) for the red pepper puree in the Creamy Red Pepper Cheese.
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