Philly-Style Burger

Philly-Style Burger
24 servings, 1 burger each


Ingredients Weights Measures
80% lean ground beef patties (6 oz. each) 9 lb. 24 each
Provolone cheese slices (1 oz. each) 1 lb. + 8 oz. 24 slices
A.1. Thick & Hearty Steak Sauce, divided 1 lb. + 2 oz. 2-1/4 cups
hamburger buns, toasted 4 lb. + 8 oz. 24 each
green peppers, cut into strips, sauteed 1 lb. + 2 oz. 4-1/2 cups
onions, sliced, sauteed 1 lb. + 2 oz. 4-1/2 cups
mushrooms, sliced, sauteed 12 oz. 4-1/2 cups


FOR each serving: Grill 1 beef patty on medium-high heat 2 to 3 min. on each side or to medium (160ºF), or desired doneness. Top with 1 cheese slice. Grill 30 sec. or until cheese begins to melt.

SPREAD 1/2 Tbsp. of the steak sauce onto bottom half of bun; top with cheeseburger, rounded 1/2 cup combined vegetables and 1 Tbsp. of the remaining steak sauce. Cover with top of roll.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Prepare using sourdough sandwich rolls.
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