Ranch Burger Made with A.1.

Ranch Burger Made with A.1.
32 servings


Ingredients Weights Measures
80% lean ground beef 16 lb. -
GOOD SEASONS Ranch Dry Mix Salad Dressing 2.5 fl oz 3/4 pack
GREY POUPON Bistro Sauce 4.5 fl oz 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp.
TAPATIO Hot Sauce 4.5 fl oz 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp.
hamburger buns - 32 each
Prepared GOOD SEASONS Ranch Dry Mix Salad Dressing 32 fl oz 1 qt.
leaf lettuce leaves 8 oz. 32 each
plum tomato slices (1/4 inch thick) 2 lb. 64 each
Large red onion rings (1/4 inch thick) 8 oz. 64 each
white cheddar cheese slices (0.8 oz. each) 3 lb. + 3 oz. 64 each
frozen vegetable blend (fire-roasted corn, peppers, black beans), sauteed 2 lb. 1 qt.
avocados, each cut into 8 slices 2 lb. 8 each
A.1. Original Sauce 10.5 fl oz 1-1/3 cups


MIX all ingredients; shape into 32 patties (or into 2 patties for trial recipe).

FOR each serving: Grill 1 burger on medium-high heat 5 min. or until medium (160ºF) or desired doneness, turning after 3 min. Meanwhile, toast cut sides of 1 bun on grill 15 sec. or until golden brown.

SPREAD 2 Tbsp. dressing evenly onto cut sides of bun.

PLACE 1 lettuce leaf on bottom half of bun; top with 2 tomato slices, 2 onion rings, 1 burger, 2 cheese slices, 2 Tbsp. vegetable blend, 2 avocado slices and 2 tsp. steak sauce. Cover with top bun.

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Special Extra
Prepare using pepper Jack cheese slices.
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Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information

Total fat
 65 g
Saturated fat
 24 g
 205 mg
 1460 mg
 37 g
Dietary fiber
 5 g
 9 g
 61 g
Vitamin A
 40 %DV
Vitamin C
 20 %DV
 45 %DV
 35 %DV