Raspberry-Cream Tiramisu

Raspberry-Cream Tiramisu
24 servings


Ingredients Weights Measures
mascarpone cheese 2 lb. + 4 oz. 4-1/2 cups
PHILADELPHIA Original Cream Cheese, softened 2 lb. + 4 oz. 3/4 loaf
powdered sugar 1 lb. 1 qt.
frozen sweetened raspberries, thawed, undrained 1 lb. + 4 oz. 2-1/4 cups
raspberry-flavored liqueur, divided 6 oz. 3/4 cup
fresh raspberries 15 oz. 3 cups
brewed strong GEVALIA Kaffe, cooled 2 lb. 3-3/4 cups
crisp ladyfingers 1 lb. + 5 oz. 72 each
bittersweet chocolate 1 oz. 1 square


BEAT cheeses in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Add sugar, thawed frozen raspberries and 9 Tbsp. of the liqueur (or 3 Tbsp. of the liqueur for trial recipe); beat until creamy. Fold in fresh raspberries.

POUR coffee and the remaining 3 Tbsp. liqueur (or 1 Tbsp. liqueur for trial recipe) into shallow pan. Submerge 36 of the ladyfingers (or 12 of the ladyfingers for trial recipe) in coffee mixture, in batches, letting each batch soak about 5 sec. Place in single layer in 4-inch full hotel pan (or 4-inch one-third hotel pan for trial recipe).

SPREAD half (about 7-1/2 cups) of the cheese mixture (or 2-1/2 cups of the cheese mixture for trial recipe) over ladyfingers in pan; cover with layers of the remaining ladyfingers and remaining cheese mixture. Shave chocolate evenly over desserts.

REFRIGERATE, covered, at least 4 hours before serving.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Special Extra
Garnish each serving with additional fresh raspberries.
Storage Know-How
Dessert can be stored in refrigerator for up to 3 days.
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