Thanksgiving Turkey Burger with A.1. Gravy

Thanksgiving Turkey Burger with A.1. Gravy
16 servings


Ingredients Weights Measures
Turkey Burgers
ground turkey 5 lb. + 5.3 oz. -
A.1. Original Sauce 6 oz. 2/3 cup
fresh rosemary, chopped - 2 tsp.
fresh sage, chopped - 2 tsp.
Cranberry Sauce
cranberry sauce 9.8 oz. 1 cup
A.1. Original Sauce 9 oz. 1 cup
Cornbread Stuffing
andouille sausage, diced 2.3 oz. 1/2 cup
yellow onions, minced 1.4 oz. 1/4 cup
red bell peppers, minced 1.3 oz. 1/4 cup
scallions, chopped 1 oz. 1/4 cup
celery, minced 1 oz. 1/4 cup
fresh thyme, chopped - 1/2 tsp.
fresh sage, chopped - 1/2 tsp.
STOVE TOP Cornbread Flavored Stuffing Mix 14 oz. 1-1/2 qt.
low-sodium chicken stock 3 lb. 1-1/2 qt.
A.1. Original Sauce 2.25 oz. 1/4 cup
yellow onions, minced 1.4 oz. 1/4 cup
unsalted butter 1 oz. 2 Tbsp.
fresh rosemary, chopped - 1/4 tsp.
fresh sage, chopped - 1/4 tsp.
all-purpose flour - 2 Tbsp.
low-sodium chicken stock 1 lb. 2 cups
A.1. Original Sauce - 4 tsp.
honey - 2 tsp.
bakery-style hamburger buns (3 oz.), toasted 3 lb. 16 each


TURKEY Burgers: Combine ingredients in bowl. Shape into 1/3-lb. patties.

CRANBERRY Sauce: Combine ingredients in saucepan. Cook on medium heat until warm.

CORNBREAD Stuffing: Saute sausage and vegetables until tender; stir in herbs and stuffing mix until blended. Stir in stock and A.1. Spoon into appropriately-sized baking dish or individual ramekins sprayed with cooking spray.

BAKE in 350ºF standard oven until almost set, but still moist. Keep warm.

SWEAT onions and butter in saucepan on medium heat. Stir in herbs and flour. Cook until lightly browned. Whisk in stock; cook until thickened and slightly reduced. Stir in A.1. and honey. Keep warm.

FOR each burger: Grill 1 patty until done (165ºF).

FILL 1 bun with prepared burger, 2 Tbsp. Cranberry Sauce, 1/2 cup Cornbread Stuffing and 2 Tbsp. Gravy.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Substitute STOVE TOP Chicken Flavored Stuffing Mix, Flex Prep for the cornbread stuffing mix.
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Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information

Total fat
 22 g
Saturated fat
 6 g
 145 mg
 1570 mg
 77 g
Dietary fiber
 3 g
 20 g
 56 g
Vitamin A
 8 %DV
Vitamin C
 6 %DV
 20 %DV
 40 %DV