The food has been tasted, the ballots cast and the votes counted.

Kraft Foodservice is thrilled to announce Second City Smoke as the 2013 World Burger Champion in this year’s World Food Championships. During the live-event cooking competition, each of the top 10 World Burger Championship finalists were tasked with recreating the classic American steakhouse burger using A.1. Steak Sauce as the featured ingredient. Wade Fortin, head cook of Second City Smoke in Chicago, was awarded for his porcini butter-stuffed rib-eye steak cheeseburger with an A.1. horseradish aioli, called the “El Toro.”

“We took the steakhouse to the grill by combining the classic rib-eye steak, in burger form, with the great taste of A.1. Steak Sauce, which we then infused into a classic horseradish cream sauce,” said Fortin. “The tangy A.1. Steak Sauce was a perfect complement to the creamy horseradish and helped bring home the championship for us.”

After placing first at the World Burger Championship, Second City Smoke went on to place third overall at the Final Table and took home a grand total of $15,000 at the World Food Championships.

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World Burger championship presented by A.1. Steak Sauce

A.1. Steak Sauce would like to congratulate all 50 cooks who competed for the World Burger Championship, with special congratulations to the cooks who made it to the semifinals, including:

  • Wade Fortin of Second City Smoke, the 2013 World Burger Champion: El Toro Burger
  • Cypress Street: A.1. Fried Onion Burger
  • Porketeers: A.1.derful Burger
  • Brad Leighninger: Thanksgiving Turkey Burger with A.1. Gravy
  • Food Gypsy: The "Eh. One." Candied Canuck Burger
  • The Burger Deacons: A.1. Burger Deacon
  • Dietricha Durtschi: A.1. Asian Burger with Ramen Bun
  • Jeffery Boudreaux: Italian A.1. Steakburger
  • Helene Mulvihill: A.1. Mushroom Swiss Marsala Burger
  • Mark Levasseur: A.1. Vegas Jackpot Steakhouse Burger
Winners of The World Food Championships